Enhancing corporate learning

The revolution for your education and training programs. Your employees will love it.


Your trainees can use QuizCo for learning content at vocational school as well as for company-specific content. We provide learning content for all commercial apprenticeships in Europe. As a company, you can provide your trainees with your own content and analyse the learning progress.


The contents of company intern and external training courses can be quickly and easily displayed with QuizCo and can also be used over the training period. Thus the knowledge can be refreshed at any time and the results of the courses become directly visible. You can create and use your own certificates and performance records.


Bring your seminar offer into the 21st century. With QuizCo as a mobile application, you can make the content of your event accessible to your seminar participants. By using different approaches to gamification, you can design the seminars to be more interesting and the content to be more accessible. In addition, you will receive feedback in real time.